Second Reading

Landscape with Elijah and the Angel by Gaspard Dughet.
Commentary on Romans 10:5-15

This text occurs in the midst of a longer argument Paul develops that addresses the [...]

loaves of bread
Commentary on Romans 8:26-39

From theological platitudes to doctrines of predestination, this passage is full of verses that make [...]

field of wheat
Commentary on Romans 8:12-25

Has anyone ever told you that you need an attitude adjustment? Maybe you heard it [...]

Commentary on Romans 8:1-11

In Romans 7:15-25, Paul concludes that both the law and the individual’s will, while not [...]

Commentary on Romans 7:15-25a

In Romans 7, Paul has at least two points to make: (1) the law is [...]

Detail from Richard Norris Brooke's A Pastoral Visit, 1881
Commentary on Romans 6:12-23

Imagine that you quit a job, and then you keep going back to work there. [...]

Commentary on Romans 6:1b-11

A typical cheap shot against those who drink from the cup of Luther’s Reformation is [...]

Commentary on Romans 5:1-8

“Peace sells, but who’s buying?” asked Dave Mustaine, the heavy metal minor prophet and leader [...]

white cloth with fringe
Commentary on Romans 4:13-25

Romans 4 is a short but dense essay concerned especially with Abraham and Abraham’s God. [...]

three races of women representing the holy trinity
Commentary on 2 Corinthians 13:11-13

First-century writers were not thinking in terms that would occupy [...]