Second Reading

Commentary on Philippians 2:1-13

Most preachers consider preaching on Philippians 2 only when it [...]

People around a table, photo by Luisa Brimble.
Commentary on Philippians 1:21-30

How can joy flow directly through the same veins as [...]

Waianae, photo
Commentary on Romans 14:1-12

Hospitality is never easy when suspicion rules the day. Why would anyone want to visit [...]

Detail from
Commentary on Romans 13:8-14

Paul’s letter to the Roman believers is saturated in the Scriptures of Israel—Torah, Prophets, and [...]

Detail from
Commentary on Romans 12:9-21

“Love is (to be) unpretentious!” (hē agape anypokritos, Romans 12:9). This is the opening salvo [...]

Photo of Light Through Trees
Commentary on Romans 12:1-8

When Christ’s great emissary to the nations pivots from expounding the extraordinary good news message [...]

A Widening Circle, photo
Commentary on Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32

I believe it was New Testament Scholar Pamela Eisenbaum, who [...]

Detail from Jesus Feeding the 5000 from the Hagia Sophia.
Commentary on Romans 9:1-5

We find in this week’s epistle lesson a moment of tenderness. In the middle of [...]

Landscape with Elijah and the Angel by Gaspard Dughet.
Commentary on Romans 10:5-15

This text occurs in the midst of a longer argument Paul develops that addresses the [...]

loaves of bread
Commentary on Romans 8:26-39

From theological platitudes to doctrines of predestination, this passage is full of verses that make [...]