Revised Common Lectionary

March of the Children of Israel toward the Promised Land
Commentary on Romans 6:3-11

Death Baptism and Mutual Entombment The idea of being “plunged into someone’s death” and being [...]

Peaches on a branch
Commentary on Acts 8:26-40

The three preceding lectionary texts from Acts have focused on the extraordinary effects of the [...]

Peaches on a branch
Commentary on Psalm 22:25-31

How odd is it, during Easter, to return to the Psalm of Good Friday, the [...]

Peaches on a branch
Commentary on 1 John 4:7-21

Today’s passage contains some of the most moving and profound teachings on love in the [...]

Peaches on a branch
Commentary on John 15:1-8

The next two Sundays of Easter take us into the middle of the Farewell Discourse [...]

Peaches on a branch
Comentario del San Juan 15:1-8

Este texto es parte de discurso pastoral de Jesús antes [...]

Commentary on Acts 4:5-12

As is common, the lectionary sections off (shorter) passages from within their larger narrative context. [...]

Commentary on Psalm 23

Consider the vulnerability of a sheep.1 A sheep is a particularly vulnerable creature, especially when on its [...]

Commentary on 1 John 3:16-24

Words are powerful, and as preachers, we do not take our own words or the [...]

Commentary on John 10:11-18

Dear Working Preachers, as you know, Easter 4 is always Good Shepherd Sunday in the [...]