Commentary on Psalm 25:1-10

The first seven verses of Psalm 25 are, at the broadest level, a prayer for [...]

Commentary on Psalm 66:1-9

Someone, or several someones, stood in front of a throng of Israelites gathered for worship [...]

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Commentary on Psalm 16

People are not sure what to think when they are asked questions like, “Do you want to [...]

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Commentary on Psalm 22:19-28

Many years ago, I was sitting in a lecture by a Jewish scholar who was [...]

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Commentary on Psalm 8

This psalm is a hymn of praise for God’s love and care for humans. God created humanity [...]

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Commentary on Psalm 104:24-34, 35b

This creation psalm celebrates the goodness, splendor, complexity, and interrelatedness [...]

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Commentary on Psalm 97

The exposition of Psalm 97 need not be overly complex. The structure of the text defines a [...]

Christus ascendit hodie!
Commentary on Psalm 47

Psalm 47 played a major role in the interpretation of the Psalms in the 20th century. It [...]

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Commentary on Psalm 67

The oldest scraps of Bible archeologists have ever found are little scrolls of thinly hammered out silver, [...]

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Commentary on Psalm 148

The wording of the Proper Preface for Holy Communion varies a bit as we move through the [...]