Joy J. Moore

View inside car at dusk with air freshener dangling
Easter 7B: Pray Anywhere

Do you have a place or object that reminds you to pray? Joy J. Moore joins us [...]

Teen doing chores (vacuuming the living room in apartment)
Easter 4B: Who Are the Shepherds Today?

Join Joy J. Moore as she ponders Good Shepherd Sunday [...]

Hand-painted Easter eggs
Easter 1B: It’s Not about Eggs

Easter is not about the eggs, bunnies, or baskets. Joy [...]

Maintenance worker gathering tools on job site
Lent 4B: Maintenance Needed

Nicodemus and road maintenance–what’s the connection? Joy J. Moore reflects on Jesus’ famous words in [...]

Rainbow over the Pacific Ocean
Lent 1B: Don’t Miss the Beauty

Often miss the beauty in the day-to-day? Joy J. Moore [...]

We who believe in freedom cannot rest - sign at protest
Baptism of Our Lord: Call and Response

Reflecting on Mark 1, Joy J. Moore encourages preachers to [...]

Rosa Parks
Advent 3B: Wait Just a Little Longer

John the Witness calls down judgement, not joy. Delve into [...]

Double rainbow in Custer, South Dakota
Dear Working Preacher
A Community of Honesty and Hope

I’ve just spent the week in Custer State Park. Well, [...]

Summer night streetlight in front of bridge
Dear Working Preacher
Preparing for a Different Reality

Looks like we made it! To the other side of [...]

Pile of books on desk
Dear Working Preacher
Tell the Rest of the Story

Dear Working Preachers, It seems every week there is a headline or a happening that [...]