Steep steps down to lake - take a risk!
Ordinary 16B: Inspired to Risk

Karoline Lewis reflects on family heritage in front of the [...]

Crazy Horse sculpture in Black Hills, South Dakota
Ordinary 15B: Bear Witness

Joy J. Moore joins us in South Dakota at the Crazy Horse Memorial. She reminds [...]

Pile of old suitcases
Ordinary 14B: Travel Light

Do you have difficulty packing light? Matt Skinner can relate! He reminds preachers of Mark [...]

Woman reaching out to touch hand of another
Ordinary 13B: Taking a Risk

Karoline Lewis reflects on Mark 5:28 for Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, “If I but just [...]

Seedlings emerging from soil
Ordinary 11B: Trust the Process

Matt Skinner provides a key insight for preachers from Mark [...]

Mother comforting her son
Ordinary 10B: Family Matters

Karoline Lewis reflects on family in Mark 3, and how our relationship with Jesus changes [...]

Girl watering potted plants outside while man helps
Holy Trinity B: Acts of Love

“Preaching first and foremost has to be an act not of explanation, but an act [...]

View inside car at dusk with air freshener dangling
Easter 7B: Pray Anywhere

Do you have a place or object that reminds you to pray? Joy J. Moore joins us [...]

Smiling woman holding Joy cutout in front of brick wall
Easter 6B: Find Joy in the Pulpit

Where do you find joy? Matt Skinner is drawn to [...]

Branches with new leaves sprouting
Easter 5B: Be the Branches

Karoline Lewis on John 15: Be the branches of Jesus’ ministry — connect with each [...]