Minnesota State Capitol, Saint Paul
Lent 3B: Symbols of Authority

In a world full of symbols of authority, remember the true source of power found [...]

Cross to bear
Lent 2B: Take Up Your Cross

Karoline Lewis reflects on Jesus’ question: “What cause will you embrace?” Embracing your cross isn’t [...]

Rainbow over the Pacific Ocean
Lent 1B: Don’t Miss the Beauty

Often miss the beauty in the day-to-day? Joy J. Moore [...]

Red phone booth next to body of water at sunrise
Transfiguration B: Listen!

A preacher steps into a telephone booth. What’s the connection to Transfiguration? Matt Skinner invites [...]

Cup of tea in sunlight
Epiphany 5B: A Known God Who Shows Up

God enters our space to heal us just as Jesus [...]

Blue stained glass with
Epiphany 4B: Jesus Never Went to Church

Jesus never went to church! In Mark 1:21, Jesus calls [...]

Pencil points - new perspectives
Epiphany 3B: New Perspectives

Preaching on Mark 1 unveils new perspectives. This week Matt Skinner encourages you to rethink, [...]

Can anything good come out of Nazareth?
Epiphany 2B: Can Anything Good Come Out of …?

John 1 begs: Can anything [...]

We who believe in freedom cannot rest - sign at protest
Baptism of Our Lord: Call and Response

Reflecting on Mark 1, Joy J. Moore encourages preachers to [...]

Old woman looking expectantly and with love
Christmas 1B: Say It Like Anna

Anna in Luke 2:36-38 had something to say when she [...]