Narrative Lectionary

Jesus appears to Thomas
Commentary on John 20:19-31

The references to “Doubting Thomas” cast this story in a particular light. (While there was [...]

Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Commentary on John 19:1-16a

The set Our text today begins with Pilate taking Jesus to be flogged, but this [...]

Commentary on John 18:28-40

Building on last week’s text, we are now working one passage at a time through [...]

Rooster crowing
Commentary on John 18:12-27

We move headlong into the Passion Narrative in this third week in Lent.  Note some [...]

Jesus washes his disciples' feet
Commentary on John 13:1-17

John’s Gospel has been leading to chapter 13 and beyond. John 12:50 is the end [...]

John 11:43-44
Commentary on John 11:1-44

(Author’s note: I discussed the latter part of this pericope in an earlier essay for [...]

John 10:27
Commentary on John 10:1-18

John 10:1-18 may be one of those texts that is best read with two frameworks [...]

Blind Man's Meal
Commentary on John 9:1-41

As someone who teaches exegesis, I will be the first to rate this text as [...]

Matthew 10:42
Commentary on John 7:37-52

This passage is tightly connected to and shares parallels with the one immediately preceding (7:10-36): [...]

bread baked with crosses on top
Commentary on John 6:35-59

When clergy invite me to speak at their church, I ask them what they are [...]