Craft of Preaching

Double rainbow in Custer, South Dakota
Dear Working Preacher
A Community of Honesty and Hope

I’ve just spent the week in Custer State Park. Well, [...]

Summer night streetlight in front of bridge
Dear Working Preacher
Preparing for a Different Reality

Looks like we made it! To the other side of [...]

Face of carved figure mottled and yellowed
When Good News Is Harder to Proclaim: Preaching Amid Trauma

Mass trauma is an unfortunate [...]

Dear Working Preacher
Telling the Truth

The prophet Jeremiah got pretty tired of having to be the one to tell the truth. In [...]

Red rope in a heart-shaped knot in the woods
Dear Working Preacher
Pure Gospel

As you know, Working Preacher, a sermon might do many things: inspire, challenge, inform, and even entertain [...]

Colorful signs saying Goodbye in different languages
Saying Goodbye in the Sermon

There is an old adage that defines the only certainties in life as death and [...]

man walking on trail in green forest
Dear Working Preacher
Followed by the Lord of All

Dear Working Preacher, Thank you for what you do to preach the gospel. Thank you [...]

Reading Genesis on mobile device
Preaching Series
Messy Ancestors for a Messy World: Year A Semi-continuous First Readings

Editor’s Note: This article provides [...]

tick crawling on rock
Dear Working Preacher
Creeping Things, Innumerable

My friends, it is tick season here on the farm and so trips outside to [...]

Statue of three soldiers with green leafy backdrop
On Moral Complexity: The Preaching Veterans Need to Hear

I’ve been asked to comment [...]