Craft of Preaching

Why is forgiveness so difficult?
Dear Working Preacher
Forgiveness: The Hardest Commandment

Dear Working Preacher, Why is forgiveness so difficult? Is there [...]

child with milk mustache concerned about stewardship
Sermon Development
Got Stewardship?

Years ago there was a campaign from the milk industry in the United States that asked a [...]

Two fists bumping to indicate community
Dear Working Preacher
A Community Response to Sin

Dear Working Preacher, Thank you for what you do. Thank you for preaching and proclaiming [...]

triangular aperture with view to distant landscape.
Am I My Sibling’s Keeper?: Preaching with Systems Theory

We were created for relationship. [...]

tree growing next to gravel path in arid landscape
Dear Working Preacher
Listening Anew for God’s Call

Last weekend, my husband and I took our son Isaac [...]

Woman holding mug with serious expression
Preaching when the Pastor Is Sick

Some years ago, I was scheduled for herniated disc surgery [...]

waterfall in mountain stream
Dear Working Preacher
Exploring the Depths of Scripture’s Richness

Three years ago, when we [...]

Woman holding umbrella over young person
Dear Working Preacher
An Uncontrollable Calling

In recent years, various responses to employment related stress and expectations have trended online. These [...]

Two men talking over coffee in front of glass wall
Sermon Development
How to Get Useful Sermon Feedback from Listeners: 5 Keys for Success 

It’s the end of the [...]

Church in downtown setting
‘It’s Your Day!’: Preaching on a Congregation’s Milestones

My Anglican parish in a [...]