Craft of Preaching

Preaching Moment 311: Lauren Winner on Personal Stories

Lauren Winner shares her thought process on using personal stories in the pulpit and relates the craft of preaching to communal prayer.

"Each year, preaching

Preaching Moment 303: Lauren Winner on Preaching the Hebrew Bible

Lauren Winner emphasizes the importance of preaching the Old Testament and recommends Ellen Davis's Getting Involved with God as a resource to aid the preacher

Preaching Moment 298: Lauren Winner on Preaching Saint Days

Lauren Winner reflects on preaching the various days dedicated to saints and encourages preachers to use them as opportunities for the listeners to interpret

Preaching Moment 293: Lauren Winner on the Preacher's Own Voice

Lauren Winner discusses the preacher's presence in the pulpit and invites preachers to exercise their own voice and authority when preaching.


Preaching Moment 285: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner encourages preachers to consider sermons as an act of pastoral care for the community and reminds preachers to be mindful of the needs and

Preaching Moment 282: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner describes the sermon writing process as an act of wrestling and a component of spiritual life.

"I open the Scriptures and I don't just read

Preaching Moment 265: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner talks about what she likes to hear in a sermon (a word that emerges from the community and connects to Scripture) and what she does not like