Craft of Preaching

Preaching the Easter Vigil: Notes on an ancient sermon

The Vigil of Easter is just what it says: a vigil. At the Vigil, we remember that Jesus is dead, gone “to crush hell underfoot,” as the old

To Whom Do You Think You Are Preaching?

Listening to a sermon, I form a portrait of myself. I hear a perspective on the scripture text or theme that makes assumptions about the assembly and therefore

Preaching Matthew, Part II: “Reorientation into God’s Reign”

Matthew’s Gospel gives us a blueprint for life taught by Jesus who is introduced from the outset as located solidly in Israel’s story. The genealogy

Disorientation into Matthew’s World: Preaching Matthew, Part I

Preachers have an opportunity throughout Year A to set the specific world of Matthew’s community beside our own. That is the focus of this essay.

Preaching Moment 264: Melinda Quivik

Are preachers born or made? Melinda Quivik addresses this question and also talks about the importance of delivering a word that is deeply felt and life-giving.

Preaching Time after Epiphany, Year C

Speaking of Epiphany itself, Augustine preached, "The one who altered the route taken by the Magi now also changes the lives of sinners. It is his manifestation

Preaching Christmas, Year C

A worshipping community that has been singing the gorgeous Advent hymns for the last four weeks and holding back on the Christmas hymns will find its ears

Preaching Luke through Advent, Year C

Advent's themes, coming right from the Gospel texts for each of the season's four Sundays -- 1) Luke 21:25-36; 2) Luke 3:1-6, 3) Luke 3:7-18, and 4) Luke

Preaching Moment 220: Melinda Quivik

Melinda Quivik admonishes preachers to ask, "Is that really true?" for their sermons.

Preaching Baptism through Lent

Questions about the importance of baptism are in the air these days.

Some voices charge that this sacrament Jesus commanded us to "go and do" excludes people

Preaching Moment 197: Melinda Quivik

Melinda Quivik talks about expecting and seeing God work on Sunday morning.

Preaching Moment 171: Melinda Quivik

Melinda delves into helping the congregation understand the importance of sermon preparation

Preaching Moment 160: Melinda Quivik

Melinda talks about a "test" for using personal stories

Preaching Moment 145: Melinda Quivik

Melinda speaks on the balancing act of preaching

Preaching Moment 132: Melinda Quivik

Quivik talks about seeing worship as the center of the church's life