Craft of Preaching

Preaching Moment 284: Thomas Long on Preaching Matthew

Tom Long offers tips for preaching Matthew, the featured gospel in Year A of the Revised Common Lectionary.

The structure of the Gospel of Matthew, according

Preaching Moment 243: Tom Long

Tom Long talks about the qualities he looks for in good preaching.

Preaching Moment 214: Tom Long

Tom Long talks about practices that lead to better preaching.

Preaching Moment 172: Thomas Long

Tom talks about the mimetic function of preaching.

Preaching Moment 161: Thomas Long

Thomas talks about the importance of creating a community that is prophetic, not simply equipping people to live as individuals in the world. And also reflects

Preaching Moment 150: Thomas G. Long

Long talks about the narrative and episodic natures of our parishioners.

Preaching Moment 139: Thomas Long

Tom discusses negotiating the authority to preach each time we preach.

Preaching Moment 126: Thomas Long

Thomas Long discusses what he calls the "back porch" of the text

Preaching Moment 117: Tom Long

Tom Long talks about the various kinds of fear and anxiety in preaching.

Preaching Moment 90: Tom Long

Tom Long thinks about the challenge of preaching on Christmas and offers some counsel for preachers doing so.

Preaching Moment 82: Tom Long

Tom Long reflects on the place rhetoric currently has in our society and how recent events have opened the door for preachers to reclaim the power of the

Preaching Moment 022: Tom Long

on preaching to plural congregations Would you like to share this video with friends? You can find, share, send, and embed it from our

Out of the Loop: The Changing Practice of Preaching Part Five: Directions?

If The Homiletical Plot assumes a narrative competence that may no longer be fully in place, my fear about the new didactic approach that we see in Adam

Out of the Loop: The Changing Practice of Preaching Part Four: Another Kansas City Voice

In view of our ongoing discussion of the episodic character of experience, Lowry's The Homiletical Plot can be seen in a new light.

Rather than a formula

Out of the Loop: The Changing Practice of Preaching Part Three: Is Narrative the Whole Story?

Recently, significant challenges have been raised to the prevalent idea that narrative is the underlying and defining quality of human life.

For example,