Craft of Preaching

Sunday by Sunday III by Cristy Fossum

Yes, God's Word does have something to do with our everyday lives.

You will be reminded of this regularly as you accompany the congregation of St. Timothy

Lutherans Preaching on Social Issues?

Lutherans have not always been perceived to lead the crowd in social advocacy. And yet, a quick scan of data shows that we are indeed on the leading edge

Preaching Moment 75: Shauna Hannan

Shauna Hannan reflects on the challenges and benefits inherent in using personal stories in preaching. Would you like to share this video with friends?

Writing for the Ear, Part 3

Preachers are usually so close to the sermon that they do not notice gaps in thought and transitions.

It takes an intentional move to step away from the

Writing for the Ear, Part 2

Once you have a sermon draft, you can begin to tweak various elements.

It is important that a sermon is not edited to mirror a term paper. Maintain the

Writing for the Ear, Part 1

Preaching is an oral/aural event.

And yet, preachers often prepare sermons as they would write term papers. The result is a sermon that comes across much

Using Commentaries Effectively and Faithfully

Commentaries play an important role in the preacher's exegetical work. Even so, preachers are advised not to let commentaries do their exegetical work.