Craft of Preaching

Preaching Moment 331: Adam Hamilton on the Courage to Preach

Adam Hamilton discusses how the personal conviction based on your reading of the text. Like Jeremiah, the preacher has a message (based on the text) to

Preaching Moment 323: Adam Hamilton on Preaching Luke

Adam Hamilton teaches on the importance of presenting the Gospel of Luke -- the "gospel of nobodies" -- to marginalized people in society.

In Luke, Jesus

Preaching Moment 318: Adam Hamilton on Preaching Stewardship

Adam Hamilton understands stewardship as a pastoral care concern because people need help getting a handle on their money.

"Stewardship is a chance to

Preaching Moment 230: Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton gives words of caution and hope to preachers.

Preaching Moment 169: Adam Hamilton

Pastor Hamilton identifies some of the challenges for preachers.

Preaching Moment 152: Adam Hamilton

Pastor Hamilton discusses steps for bringing the text alive.

Preaching Moment 141: Adam Hamilton

Pastor Hamilton discusses the role of topical preaching in the communal life of faith.

Preaching Moment 123: Pastor Adam Hamilton

Pastor Hamilton reflects on the question of whether good preachers are born or made.

Preaching Moment 68: Adam Hamilton

Pastor Hamilton gets to the heart of the matter and describes three essential characteristics of a good sermon in this day. Would you like to share this