Craft of Preaching

Reading Text in a Hat Shop

Something about unpacking unearths forgotten memories.

A few weeks ago, in my unpacking, I ran across an old calendar containing pictures from Crowns: Portraits

Indelible Sermons

Seemed like such an innocent question: Describe the last 5 sermons you have heard. 

After a lively discussion with students, I realized that this question

Of Plumb Lines and Preaching

It was one of those mornings right after the move to our seminary apartment that I thought I would sleep in, when I was awakened quite early by the beep-beep

Humanizing the Word

So often our parishioners forget that the texts of the Bible were written to and about real people whose circumstances were surprisingly similar to ours

Where Have All the Prophets Gone?

Today, it feels too much like Elijah in the wilderness: "Lord, they have killed your prophets, they have demolished your altars; I alone am left, and they

Devilish Distractions!

What was it about Peter's rebuke in Mark 8:32 that so upset Jesus?

We do not know the content of Peter's private rebuke but we can only assume that it was

The Perils of Familiarity

Are we, as preachers, tempted to take shortcuts when re-preaching familiar texts?

The longer I preach, the more difficult I find it to approach a text as