Craft of Preaching

Preaching Moment 314: Anthony Bailey on Accountable Preaching

Anthony Bailey explores the many different factors that influence the hearers of a sermon and the way a sermon is held accountable to those factors.


Preaching Moment 309: Anthony Bailey on Liturgical Language

Anthony Bailey explains how the words of our worship often have unintended negative implications and argues that liturgical language must be critiqued by

Preaching Moment 304: Anthony Bailey on Personal Stories

Anthony Bailey shares his process for deciding when and how to include personal stories in his sermons.

"I always have to ask: Is this sermon more about

Preaching Moment 302: Anthony Bailey on Soliciting Feedback

Anthony Bailey relates his experience with creating a culture where honest feedback is appreciated and given and tells a story of a sermon illustration

Preaching Moment 297: Anthony Bailey on Seeking Inspiration

Anthony Bailey shares how he seeks inspiration in day to day life when he is having difficulty hearing from a text.

"I believe there's something about

Preaching Moment 291: Anthony Bailey on the Gift of Darkness

Anthony Bailey advocates for the recovery of a biblical view of darkness as the place in which we are most vulnerable and available to the work of God in

Preaching Moment 289: Anthony Bailey on Preaching the Everyday

Anthony Bailey emphasizes the importance of paying attention, weaving elements of everyday life into the texts to create a sermon that speaks from a particular

Preaching Moment 281: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey discusses the peculiarity of Jesus' message and the role preachers have in talking about that message.

"There are opportunities to offer

Preaching Moment 272: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey encourages preachers to turn off their "critical antennae" toward themselves and be bold in their witness to the text. 

Preaching Moment 263: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey talks about preaching as a testimony that "brings alive the story of hope" in a succinct, authentic way.

Preaching Moment 237: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey talks about preaching as "one movement in the symphony of worship." How does your preaching link to the "weak" gospel of God?

Preaching Moment 228: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey gives a word of encouragement to preachers: You are not alone in this task.

Preaching Moment 215: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey on allowing the text to inhabit a "web of significance."