Craft of Preaching

Why Church?

I’m a good person. I worship God in my own way. I don’t need people telling me how I should think or what I should believe. Who needs all the

A Voice Amid the Wedding Noise

I have an unusually heavy schedule of weddings to perform this year -- three in the next 10 months. Which doesn’t sound heavy until you consider that’s

New Life: It's Not Just a Slogan

The news was devastating.

A young man who appeared to have a lot going for him, who appeared to have a bright future, got himself into such trouble that

Pastor, You're Wasting Your Life!

Have you ever had a particular Word of God that has rested innocuously for years in the Bible’s pages suddenly jump up and hit you right between the

Preaching to Angels

I’ll never forget standing among a crowd in a tunnel as the University of Minnesota marching band strode past, row after row of drums thundering,

The Spiritual Echo Chamber

In trying to explain the rash of abysmal election predictions by media pundits, political analysts offered the concept of the “echo chamber.”

Church Wars

Faith in God is supposed to bring new life, peace, understanding, and healing to creation. So why does it so often seem to bring the opposite? Why does

Saving Souls

I experienced an uncomfortable moment recently when someone expressed admiration for my chosen vocation, which was characterized as “saving souls.”

Lord, Hasten the Day When Our Decline Shall Be Complete

I am writing after yet another sacred experience with a stranger and her family who desperately needed to know God’s love in her last moments on earth.

... And Some Seed Fell on Toxic Soil

In a development related to last month’s article, I saw a news article on the Newtown, CT tragedy that was infuriating.

A man who had provided shelter

No Fact Filter for Sermons

I feel somewhat sheepish about starting out the year with nuts & bolts procedural issues rather than more lofty attempts at theology or proclamation.

An Advent Rant?

Last year I swore off the customary Christmas rant against the secularization of Christmas.

Let’s face it, there are and always have been two separate

Preaching Behind Closed Doors

Back in my writing days, I attended a writers’ workshop where I sat in on a presentation by a high-profile literary agent.

He was emphasizing the

That’s One Crowded Pulpit

I have been on more call committees in my life than I care to admit.

One thing I noted in looking over the mobility papers of clergy is that roughly 95%

Now That’s Commitment!

I was taught that there is a clear divide between preaching Law and preaching Gospel.

Law talks about what we should do; Gospel talks about what God does,