Craft of Preaching

Stalking the Wild Idea, Part I

"Where do you get your ideas?"

This is the second most frequently asked question I have encountered during my writing career−second only to: "How

An Excellent Rant

Last fall, I had just about sewed up a victory in my fantasy football league.

Less than a minute remained in the last game of the week, and I was comfortably

Preacher Voice

We've had some interesting talks with our oldest son lately about his foray into the realm of voice-overs.

Voice-overs are the words spoken by off-screen

The Power of a Giant Sucking Sound

A good educational forum should facilitate a lively sharing of diverse ideas.

With that in mind, I'm going to argue, respectfully, a counterpoint to a view

Fear Factor in Preaching

Last month I touched on the delicate balance between confidence and fear that makes effective preaching possible.

I suspect from conversations with pastors

Is Anybody Listening?

A parishioner walked into my office one day and began the conversation with: "I remember how you said in a sermon once that God never gives us more problems

This Sermon’s For You

In my first preaching lab at seminary, there were two students who didn't seem to get it.

Unlike the others, who tracked along nicely and gave positive

Starting Sentences With “And”

I remember a writing guru who argued that the key to writing nonfiction is in conjunctions.

At first I dismissed this as ridiculous. If you had asked me,

Diapers, Ninja Turtles and Creativity

Most of what I know about creativity, I learned while changing diapers.

Many years ago, one of my children was lying on the changing table, singing nursery

Wrestling With God

A while back I was struggling with the lectionary text of Genesis 32, the famous all-night wrestling match between Jacob and God.

I had seen many creative

The Preaching Task

When I arrived at seminary, I had a major problem understanding the task of preaching.

Throughout my professional career as a writer, there were certain