Youthful Sermons

By Rich Voelz

A free e-book for young people preparing to preach

Youthful Sermons - Working Preacher ebook

When It Comes to Young Preachers, Preparation Can Make All the Difference

For churches and leaders looking to invite young people to preach, it’s easy to miss the mark. You may not know where to start, whom to invite, or how to let the Holy Spirit work. And if you are a young person who has been asked to preach, how do you keep from being overwhelmed or feeling like you’ve been thrown in the deep end? In a world that needs to listen to youth voices, the church is no exception—as times change and fewer people look to churches for leadership, inviting young people into the pulpit makes a strong statement. Simply put, good preaching (by young preachers) changes lives.

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