Digital Jazz: Preaching, Media, and Technology

By Rob O’Lynn

Whether you are comfortable with the myriad of media options and technologies available, or simply trying to keep up, you’ve likely wondered if/how vibrant preaching and technology can work together. How can we evolve in ministry and preaching and use new options well? This free e-book will show you how.


What's Inside:

  • Researched findings on the gifts and challenges of technology and media for preaching and ministry.
  • Help in developing the mindset of thinking of yourself as a creative person, and preaching as a creative endeavor. How can media and technology can help create stronger sermons?
  • Examples of effective graphics in preaching, and a discussion of multi-sensory worship and progressive discipleship.
  • Examples of how podcasting and social media can be used effectively in your ministry.
  • Platform recommendations for communication, administration, preaching, and pastoral care.
  • What plagiarism is and isn’t—and how borrowing and influence can be done well (and legally!)
With concrete ideas and examples Digital Jazz: Preaching, Media, and Technology helps preachers find their way to new tools that can advance their preaching and ministry. Well researched and clearly presented, this book argues for well-used technology and media. The book is a guide and an inspiration.

This free e-book by preacher and professor of preaching, Rob O’Lynn, is an invitation to learn more about how the technological tools of our age can be used to advance the Gospel.

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