Craft of Preaching

Preaching Moment 273: Susan Hedahl

Susan Hedahl discusses the importance and primacy of a Scriptural text to a sermon.

Preaching on Illness: Healing Services (Part 2 of 2)

Why healing services? And what makes preaching at healing services different?

Worship services addressing illness and its corollary -- the desire for possible

Our Shared Reality: Preaching on Illness (Part 1 of 2)

Last summer after a car accident, an x-ray revealed that I have a brain tumor, essentially terminal in nature. Has this fact sharpened how I listen to proclamation?

Preaching Moment 231: Susan Hedahl

Susan Hedahl talks about the importance of listening to the texts -- "places of potential surprise."

Same-Sex Couples and Wedding Proclamation (Part 4 of 4)

In the 2010 wedding proclamation class I taught at Gettysburg Seminary, we had significant discussion following the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's

Children and Wedding Sermons (Part 3 of 4)

Children and wedding proclamation are facts that can and often must occupy the wedding preacher in several possible ways.

The reality of children is an

Choosing Biblical Texts for a Wedding Sermon (Part 2 of 4)

As I discussed in part one of this series a wedding sermon or homily is most effective when based on a biblical text.

The choice of a biblical text for

Biblically-Based Wedding Sermons? (Part 1 of 4)

Many wedding sermons are not based on biblical texts, and for a number of reasons.

Should they be? This essay addresses the role of biblical texts in wedding

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Two of the most famous early preachers of the Church -- Augustine in the West and Chrysostom

Jesus Christ in the Sermon--Presence or Absence?

Sally A. Brown's work, Cross Talk: Preaching Redemption Here and Now, makes this stunning assertion:

"The subject of this book is one that theologians

Preaching Moment 151: Susan Hedahl

Susan talks about overcoming the cultural sense of what it means to preach.

Preaching the Advent Texts: An Overview

The Advent texts for Lectionary Year C present a rich array of homiletical possibilities.

Old Testament texts speak of promises fulfilled, savior and warrior

Preaching Moment 055: Susan Hedahl

on "great preachers" and how they are formed Would you like to share this video with friends? You can find, share, send, and embed it from our

Working with the All Saints’ Day Texts

In a new work about the development of the novel, James Wood critiques different novelists about issues which also concern the preacher on All Saints' Sunday:

Preaching Moment 025: Susan Hedahl

on the real presence of Christ in the sermon Would you like to share this video with friends? You can find, share, send, and embed it from our