The Reverend Raquel S. Lettsome is committed to excellence and loves to help people move forward in their lives and ministries.  To that end, she has integrated over 20 years of congregational ministry experience, extensive biblical and theological training, Spirit-led discernment, and her love of God and people to create RSL Ministries.

At her core, Dr. Lettsome is a preacher and teacher. Her preaching distinctions include the Distinguished Preachers Series (Riverside Church, NY), the George A. Crawley Women in Ministry Preacher (Hampton University Ministers’ Conference), a conference preacher for the Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, the Festival of Homiletics, and The Craft of Preaching. She is a lecturer for seminary classes, conferences, and denominational meetings and is a published author in the fields of homiletics, biblical studies, and womanist biblical interpretation and theology.

Dr. Lettsome earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (Yale University), a Master of Divinity (Princeton Theological Seminary), and is the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in New Testament Studies at Princeton Theological Seminary (2005).

Raquel Lettsome wears multiple hats, but none more important than that of wife (Lydell C. Lettsome, MD) and mother (Tiffany and Luke).

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