Mariam Kamell was appointed Assistant Professor of New Testament at Regent College in August 2013.

Her research has centered on the epistle of James, with an M.A. thesis on the role of “wisdom” in the epistle and a Ph.D. thesis on the soteriology of the epistle. Both of these projects involved extensive work in both Jewish wisdom literature of the Hebrew Bible and Intertestamental period as well as in the Gospel of Matthew.

Mariam Kamell has co-authored a commentary on James (Zondervan), has published several articles in books and journals, and is currently working on a biblical theology of social justice (for Zondervan). She has a diversity of interests including music (both making and listening), hiking, skiing, backpacking, art (painting and now pottery), and hanging out with her nephews and niece. She grew up in a Conservative Baptist church in Western New York, was on staff at Scum of the Earth Church in Denver, and attended a Scottish Episcopal Church in St. Andrews.

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