Lois Malcolm holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. She has taught at Luther Seminary since 1994. Malcolm grew up in the Philippines as the daughter of missionaries. Before becoming a theologian, she received a Master of Arts in applied linguistics from the University of Minnesota. She taught linguistics and English as a second language courses in the U. S. and overseas. Her books include Holy Spirit: Creative Power in Our Lives (Fortress, 2009); God; an edited volume for The Westminster Collection of Sources of Christian Theology (Westminster John Knox Press, 2012); and three books: A Theological Commentary on Second Corinthians for the “Belief” series (Westminster John Knox); Sophia Cries Out in the Street: Wisdom in Christian Theology (Minneapolis: Fortress Press); and Christian Understandings of God: The Historical Trajectory, in the Fortress Historical Trajectories Series (Minneapolis: Fortress Press).

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