Andrew Root joined Luther Seminary in 2005. He is often mentioned as one of the leading scholars in youth ministry and practical theology in the world. His first book Revisiting Relational Ministry (IVP, 2007) presented a new trajectory for youth ministry, offering the field one of the first robust theological projects. Since then, Root has published sixteen books, many of which have been found on lists for book of year. His 2011 book, The Theological Turn in Youth Ministry, was awarded Book of Merit by Christianity Today.

Root has also offered important texts on pastoral ministry more generally, asserting that “the theological substance of youth ministry is no different than ministry generally; my concern is to discuss how real people (whether young or old) experience the living presence of God.” His books The Promise of Despair, The Relational Pastor, and Christopraxis have all offered new visions for pastoral practice and practical theology. Root’s unique theological project is see all of theology through the lens of ministry, particularly exploring God’s own act and being as fundamentally ministry.

Root’s latest project is a three volume series with Baker Academic called “Ministry in a Secular Age.”  Volume one was released as Faith Formation in a Secular Age in October 2017. Volume two, titled The Pastor in a Secular Age released in Spring 2019, with volume three to follow.  In this series Root uses Charles Taylor’s thought to explore the challenges of ministry, offering a theological and ministerial response.  Root is known as a leading thinker on the thought of Charles Taylor, secularity, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, modernity, science and ministry, pastoral theology, practical theology, and youth ministry.
Andrew Root is a sought-after speaker at conferences, colleges, and churches.  He is known for an engaging style that laces together stories, theological depth, and humor.  He has lectured and presented all over the world, including South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and throughout Europe.

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