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Five Things that 'Captain America: Civil War' Gets Right About Church Conflict

Captain America: Civil War is the newest entry in Marvel’s serialized cinematic juggernaut, and it may be among the very best. Directors Anthony and

Review of “Microaggression in Ministry: Confronting the Hidden Violence of Everyday Church”

If you are a person of color, female, LGBTQ, or a member of a religious group other than Christian, there is a high probability that you have been on the

Review: New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis

When Eliza Doolittle is finally able to say, “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain,” Henry Higgins blurts out, “I think she’s

New "Holy Days for Justice" Add Breadth and Depth to Preaching

The Revised Common Lectionary is the backbone of preaching in many congregations. Yet, like every finite entity, the Revised Common Lectionary does not

Book Review: "The Four Gospels on Sunday" by Gordon Lathrop

Reviewed: "The Four Gospels on Sunday: The New Testament and the Reform of Christian Worship" by Gordon W. Lathrop (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2012) 

Neo-Narrativity: A Review of 'Looper'

Many contemporary homiletics texts will describe narrative preaching as a twentieth-century phenomenon that rose to prominence in the seventies, dominated

A Review: 'What Shall We Say?' by Thomas G. Long

In his new book for preachers, What Shall We Say?, Thomas Long pulls up a chair at the game table and considers the next move in what has been called "The

'Haywire' Homiletics

Haywire, directed by Steven Soderbergh, boasted everything I want in a movie: an acclaimed director, a blockbuster cast, and an intriguing plot.


A review: 'Banned Questions about Jesus'

Self-proclaimed "God nerd" Christian Piatt and his crew of witty theologians are back with a new edition in the Banned Questions Series (Chalice Press).

A Review: Banned Questions About the Bible by Christian Piatt

Reading the Bible -- or even reading about the Bible -- while thinking critically is not something everyone attempts or is capable of doing; this is clear

What Are We Reading?: Working Preacher Book Review

Transforming Preaching, by Ruthanna B. Hooke. New York: Church Publishing, 2010.

I just finished reading Hooke's book, serendipitously on Epiphany, January

How Twitter Makes Me a Better Pastor

I admit, when I accepted the call to serve as a three-quarter-time pastor in a rural town of eleven hundred people, I did not anticipate that Twitter would

A Review: Inception

Summer blockbusters frequently have to choose between ambition and spectacle.

The latter typically draws on explosions and CGI to draw in the masses. The

David T. Olson’s The American Church in Crisis: A Review

"What's at stake is not the future of denominations, church buildings, or the jobs of pastors. What's at stake are the souls of thousands of people who

Images of God

In my neighborhood book club, which I adore because we're such a sweet, quirky, yearning mixed bag of people, it was brought up by one of the group members