Craft of Preaching


It's not just about the sermon -- preaching is part of the larger liturgical context of worship.

Preaching and Worship: Deconstructing the Conjunction!

In the Preface to the Small Catechism, Martin Luther laments the fact that many come to worship and participate in the sacraments but really have no clue

Preaching on Festival Sundays, Part 2

In the previous article, I took up two matters that shape the way we preach on church holidays and festivals:

  • the way in which the church's calendar

Preaching on Festivals, Part 1

Ask almost any preacher, and she will respond that preaching on festival days is more challenging, more exciting, and sometimes more daunting than on other

One voice… one message!

How can church musicians work with pastors to help ensure that the people of God leave worship services transformed by the Biblical message of the day?

Reformation Day Worship

Not only for Reformation Day worship, but for every Sunday, it behooves preachers to remember Luther's instruction about the purpose of worship, outlined

Crafting a Children’s Sermon

If a sermon is nourishment for the soul, then the children's sermon is like ice cream (except that you eat it first).

If you're careful to craft the children's

Where’s the Bun?

The approach of a new school year brings renewed hope as people begin finding their way back into our sanctuaries.

Many congregations experience a nosedive

Preaching and Stewardship

I serve a congregation with its share of wealthy members. Some are very generous in their giving to our congregation.

However a point of interest is that

Internet Resources of Biblical Art

With the advent of projection systems in worship settings the sermon can become a visual as well as an oral event.

Among available possibilities, (video,

Using Technology in Preaching – a Means, not an End Part two of two

Media moguls bet billions of dollars annually that with the right tools, people can be influenced in very dramatic ways.

While we do not have their budgets,

Using Technology in Preaching – a Means, not an End Part one of two articles

At the heart of the Biblical witness is a God who longs to communicate more fully with his people! In the Bible, words alone often carried the day.


Preaching Within the Season: Pentecost

If you buy coffee at Starbucks with any frequency, you know that on the cups is a series of quotes called "The Way I See It." How many of these opinions

Biblical Preaching and the Sacraments

I love "food movies." Chocolat, Big Night, Babette's Feast (my favorite)--I will go out of my way to see these and other movies where food plays a central

Preaching Within the Season: Easter

One of the most remarkable things about the resurrection accounts in the Gospels is the lack of description of the event itself.

The Gospels leave the mystery,

Preaching During Lent

Preaching during Lent may be a little more challenging than usual because this year, Easter falls on the second earliest date out of the 35 calculated possibilities.