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Watch (below) or listen to listen to (at right) the full-length Sermon Brainwave podcast on Revised Common Lectionary texts for Oct. 16, 2016.

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Preaching Moment 300: Yvette Flunder on Sermon Inspiration

Yvette Flunder shares the need of the preacher to pay attention to the context and listen for the inspirational "hook" that comes from God.

"I want to

Preaching Moment 297: Anthony Bailey on Seeking Inspiration

Anthony Bailey shares how he seeks inspiration in day to day life when he is having difficulty hearing from a text.

"I believe there's something about

We Are Looking for You, Holy Spirit

We are looking for you, Holy Spirit.

We block off some time to spend with the lectionary text for this Sunday, looking for you. We search for you in and

Dealing With Preacher's Block

Almost everyone has heard of writer’s block.

Writer’s block is a well-known reference to a lack of ideas upon which to expound. This loss of