Craft of Preaching

The Gravity of Discipleship

If you haven’t had a chance to see Alfonso Cuarón’s new sci-fi thriller, Gravity, then you need to move it up on your action-item list.

Teaching the Faith: A Lesson from the Cracker Barrel

If you have spent much time traveling along the southern interstate system, then you are undoubtedly familiar with a ubiquitous cultural landmark: the Cracker

A Voice Amid the Wedding Noise

I have an unusually heavy schedule of weddings to perform this year -- three in the next 10 months. Which doesn’t sound heavy until you consider that’s

Everyday Faith

Dear Working Preacher,


There will probably be a lot of people sitting in your pews this Sunday who feel just like the disciples -- which is good

Pastor, You're Wasting Your Life!

Have you ever had a particular Word of God that has rested innocuously for years in the Bible’s pages suddenly jump up and hit you right between the

Out of Control

Dear Working Preacher,


As some of you may know, a whole lot of folks in the Twin Cities lost power over the weekend when a series of storms blasted

Unexpected Faith

Dear Working Preacher,


By and large, I’ve typically read the story of Jesus and the centurion as a tremendous story about the nature of faith.

Preaching Moment 264: Melinda Quivik

Are preachers born or made? Melinda Quivik addresses this question and also talks about the importance of delivering a word that is deeply felt and life-giving.

A Promise We're All Invited Into

Dear Working Preacher,

If this is John's idea of good news, I’m not sure I want to hear the bad news.

Our readings this week and last center of

The Value of a Good Question

Dear Working Preacher,

I'm going to keep this short: questions are our friends.

Seem simple? Sure it is, yet somehow the disciples still missed it. At

Faithful Doubt

Dear Working Preacher,

Try to forget, for a moment, everything you thought you knew about Thomas. Notice that I didn't say "Doubting Thomas," as this nickname

Do You See What I See?

Dear Working Preacher,

Every once in a while, the appointed passage speaks so clearly to our own day and time that it's nothing short of arresting. This


Dear Working Preacher,

Kerygma vs. Didache  -- do you remember learning that distinction? Since the publication of C.H. Dodd's Apostolic Preaching

Pulp Fiction & Worldly Faith

Dear Working Preacher,

Do you remember that scene near the end of Pulp Fiction, when Jules and Vincent -- the two hit men at the center of Quentin Tarantino's

Mary, Martha, and My Dad

Dear Working Preacher,

As you well know, there are few passages that have caused more consternation among Christians than this one. It almost feels like