Craft of Preaching

Preaching Luke through Advent, Year C

Advent's themes, coming right from the Gospel texts for each of the season's four Sundays -- 1) Luke 21:25-36; 2) Luke 3:1-6, 3) Luke 3:7-18, and 4) Luke

Cataract Surgery

Dear Working Preacher,

You know how some images just stick with you? Here's one description of the church that's stuck with me for nearly two decades:

In God We Trust: God & Money, Pt. 2

Dear Working Preacher,

Nothing quite like a sermon about a rich guy going to hell just before the fall Stewardship campaign kicks off, is there? Seriously,

Pulp Fiction & Worldly Faith

Dear Working Preacher,

Do you remember that scene near the end of Pulp Fiction, when Jules and Vincent -- the two hit men at the center of Quentin Tarantino's

Just Do It!

Dear Working Preacher,

I suspect that the difference between heresy and orthodoxy is at times a lot thinner than we imagine.

I am part of a Christian

Money Can't Buy Me Love

Dear Working Preacher,

I need your help. You see, I've got a problem. I don't think I'm the only one, but sometimes it's hard to tell because we don't


Dear Working Preacher,

If you're going to preach on the gospel reading from Luke this Sunday, I have some advice for you: clear some time on your schedule

John 12:1-11: Leave Her Alone

This story takes place in Bethany -- during a meal -- as a cup of blessing is shared within their midst.

You noticed that, didn't you? As the disciples,