Craft of Preaching

A Review: Thomas G. Long’s Accompany Them With Singing—The Christian Funeral

At a recent meeting of a local pastors' group, one pastor bemoaned, "This summer will be tough. I'm dreading the six weddings I'm leading. This week, though,

A Review: The Promise of Despair by Andrew Root

The Foreboding Place of Promise

As the beauty and hope of spring emerges, how can I convince you to consider a book entitled The Promise of Despair: The

A Review: Making Sense of Scripture: Big Questions about the Book of Faith, by David J. Lose

"I'm sorry, pastor, but where are you getting that?"

The words came from Mary during a meeting of our congregation's Tuesday Bible study group. The text

A review: Up in the Air

Is it possible in a world where hundreds of jets soar over the oceans that we can feel isolated?

To feel alone when the whole world lies at our fingertips

A review: Lamb: the Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal, by Christopher Moore

This book is sure to offend. Lamb is one of the most outrageous "Jesus" books you will ever read.

It contains all manner of "adult" themes: graphic sexual

The Shack

You've seen in the checkout line at Target, in the airport newsstand, and on every Christian book club list for over a year.

The book in question is The

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

This month, on May 14, the State of Israel turns sixty years old--no easy anniversary.

The occasion calls our attention (again) to important political and

“Lars and the Real Girl”

Forgive me for recommending a film that has already been in circulation for some time. My queue is a little congested, keeping me even more behind the times

This Sermon’s For You

In my first preaching lab at seminary, there were two students who didn't seem to get it.

Unlike the others, who tracked along nicely and gave positive

Anti-Judaism in Christian Teaching and Preaching

Statements that misrepresent Judaism (ancient and modern) or diminish the Jewish people appear with alarming frequency in Christian sermons.

Some of the