Craft of Preaching


It's not just about the sermon -- preaching is part of the larger liturgical context of worship.

Preaching Within the Season: Easter

One of the most remarkable things about the resurrection accounts in the Gospels is the lack of description of the event itself.

The Gospels leave the mystery,

Preaching During Lent

Preaching during Lent may be a little more challenging than usual because this year, Easter falls on the second earliest date out of the 35 calculated possibilities.

Using Hymns - in Addition to the Sermon - to Tell the Christmas Story

A poorly delivered sermon can undercut solid and faithful content. Conversely, a great delivery can make shabby content sound much better than it is - unfortunately.

Preaching within the Season: Advent & Christmas

Preaching within the seasons of Advent and Christmas is somewhat like a voice crying out from the wilderness.

On the Sundays leading up to Christmas, preachers