Craft of Preaching

Hands and Feet of Christ? Overrated.

We’ve all heard the saying that we are supposed to be the hands and feet of Christ. We know that it’s a reminder that together we serve as Christ’s

Sensing the Gospel: A Five-Part Series of Meditations for Lent

“We declare to you what was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands,

Embodied Epiphanies

I love this miracle -- not just because I live in Minnesota and wish I could perform such a sign on Sundays when my wine rack is empty and I’d like

The Genetic Gospel

I had what I suppose most would consider a strange reaction to Karoline Lewis’ excellent article on “A New Genesis,” that spoke of the

Baptismal Epiphanies

When I was a parish pastor in a suburb of Atlanta, one of my tasks was worship planning. Besides regular preaching, worship planning is probably the one

A New Genesis

“In the beginning…”

This is how to start your sermon, Working Preachers. It makes so much sense, on so many levels. “In the beginning”

Light Shines in Darkness, and on Rooftops

Recent events in Paris stand out as a microcosm of the struggles human face: in the same month, horrific, unexpected, disruptive intercultural violence,

Preaching Climate Justice: Homiletic Reflection for a Planet in Peril

Climate change is a gospel issue, one that belongs in the pulpit. This is a question of loving our children and the generations yet unborn. When it comes

Divine and Human Favor

Well, that was quick!

Zero to twelve in two days. For those persons in the pews, the first Sunday after Christmas may seem out of place, strange. Wait

The Need for Christmas Preaching

Dear Working Preachers,

Why preach on Christmas? Why indeed? I mean, you’ve got the carols and the candles; the special music and the story itself;

How to Embody Scripture: Soulful Proclamation (4 of 4)

Final in a four-part series of videos on how to embody Scripture in worship

In this fourth video, Sam Bardwell demonstrates how to proclaim Scripture

Proclamation in Advent: Full-throated and Soulful

This article is the final in a four-part series for those who read Scripture in worship (or those who help prepare lectors). Watch the accompanying videos

A Merciful Advent

Listen closely. Anything sound familiar in Mary’s Magnificat? Notice anything similar between Mary’s song and Jesus’ inaugural sermon

Tender Prophecy

I find it curious that John the Baptist took his identity from the Isaiah 40 prophecy: the voice of one crying in the wilderness, “Prepare the way

How to Embody Scripture: Strength from God (3 of 4)

Third in a four-part series of videos on how to embody Scripture in worship

In the third video, Sam Bardwell demonstrates how to proclaim Scripture with