Craft of Preaching

A Theological Mashup of The Civil Wars ‘Poison and Wine’ and Kierkegaard’s ‘Works of Love’

The mashup is everywhere.

This practice of taking two distinct songs and winding them together has become the thing to do on the internet. I personally

Preaching Moment 138: Andrew Root

Andrew Root discusses honoring cultural reality in the sermon and the "haunting experience"

Preaching Moment 107: Andrew Root

Andrew Root talks about what is at stake in our preaching, that sometimes we are preaching to save our own faith.

Preaching Moment 061: Andy Root

on preachers being aware of the culture and true to themselves. Would you like to share this video with friends? You can find, share, and embed it from

Gran Torino, Christology, and the American Sensibility for Sacrifice

Warning - Spoiler Alert!

Gran Torino is the latest of many great films to be directed by the acclaimed Clint Eastwood. Yet, though the directing is marvelous,

Preaching Moment 040: Andrew Root

on viewing religion as an unconventional category Would you like to share this video with friends? You can find, share, send, and embed it from our

The TV Show Lost and Eschatology

There are many mysteries in the world, like, Who built the pyramids? How can light be wave and particle at the same time? Why is Paris Hilton a celebrity?

Crash, Babal, Damages, Lost, John from Cincinnati

Recently there have been a number of films and TV shows that have based the dramatic elements of their presentation not in action or character development,

Preaching and The Simpsons

There was a time in our culture when the preacher was held with as much esteem as a physician or lawyer.

(Okay, a lawyer may never have been liked, but