Gracia Grindal

Professor of rhetoric
Luther Seminary
St. Paul, MN
Gracia Grindal


Gracia Grindal is a professor of rhetoric at Luther Seminary. Her books include: A Revelry of Harvest (Writers Showcase Press, 2002), Hymns Of Grace (Sing The Faith Bible Study Series, 2002); We are one in Christ (1997); Speaking of God (ALCW supplementary study, 1986); Scandinavian Folksongs (1984); Singing the Story (1983); Sketches Against the Dark (1982); and Pulpit Rock (1976). She also has published many articles on the history of Scandinavian-American Lutheran hymnody, and the women of the Norwegian-American Lutheran churches. In addition, her hymns and hymn translations are published in hymnals of several mainline churches, including Episcopalian, Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist and Presbyterian. She is currently working on a study of the parsonage traditions of Lutherans in America, specifically the Scandinavian Lutheran parsonage.

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