Craft of Preaching

The Greatest

The relevance of Scripture continues to amaze me.

The many stories and illustrations we think we need to invigorate our sermons, to make them more interesting,

Preaching Moment 324: Otis Moss III on Preaching Economics

Otis Moss III, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, said: "Frank Thomas said that sermons are born when there is a collision between life

Durable Faith

Jesus’ commandment to love God, others, and self seems like an easy message to convey. People want, need, and long for love, right? Yet, ask any preacher.

Scriptural Wisdom Makes Ecological Sense

Wisdom rules the September lectionary. Several weeks of Proverbs and James sets the mind on virtues like diligence, discernment, foresight, generosity,

Preaching with Authority

As early as the life and thought of the ancient philosopher Socrates, the world has been prone to operate under a basic assumption: doubt is the main engine

Vegetative Parables

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Picture, Passage, Point: Bringing Scripture to Life

When I served a congregation near Austin, Texas, we offered a Wednesday night Bible study hour that began with a short devotional. In spite of my best efforts

Laughing with Scripture

Almost everyone in the assembly was laughing. What was strange was that no one had told a well-timed joke; no one had uttered a witty pun; no one had made

Preaching Moment 282: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner describes the sermon writing process as an act of wrestling and a component of spiritual life.

"I open the Scriptures and I don't just read

To Whom Do You Think You Are Preaching?

Listening to a sermon, I form a portrait of myself. I hear a perspective on the scripture text or theme that makes assumptions about the assembly and therefore

Preaching Moment 270: Henry Langknecht

Henry Langknecht reflects on what the "literal sense of Scripture" really means. For Langknecht, it is the way the reading comes to life in the congregation

A Sustaining, Sustainable Gospel

During ordinary time this summer and fall, the lectionary offers semi-continuous readings from Luke and from several different epistles. Semi-continuous