Craft of Preaching


Thank you for preaching the good news. The world is so full of bad news, sad news, angry news, judgmental news, scary news, divisive news, death news. Those

Red Ink and All: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Homiletician Part 5

This is the fifth article in a series. See part 4.

So how do you measure your efforts over time? Namely, what tools exist to measure or get a handle on

We're Losing

We spend so much time and effort on proclamation of the Good News of the love of God made visible in the person of Jesus. We work diligently and passionately

Impact of a Sermon

Long ago, my wife and I were vacationing at a small, rustic resort in northern Wisconsin. The elderly caretakers were the kindest, most generous people

Provoking a Response

In seminary, I was given two contradictory bits of advice regarding sermons:

  1. Your job is to proclaim. If they don’t listen to you, tell them again.

Preaching Moment 304: Anthony Bailey on Personal Stories

Anthony Bailey shares his process for deciding when and how to include personal stories in his sermons.

"I always have to ask: Is this sermon more about

A Truth-Telling Advent

John the Baptist. He’s the Gospel focus for the second and third Sundays of Advent. In Mark, he’s clearly Elijah (2 Kings 1:8). In John, he

Preaching Moment 288: Richard Jensen on Christ's Indwelling

Richard Jensen talks about the "indwelling" nature of preaching and proclamation.

"I just think we have not been radical enough in [our understanding of]

Preaching Moment 286: Paul Scott Wilson on Teaching

Paul Scott Wilson makes the distinction between teaching and proclamation in sermons and explains the need for both elements in a sermon.

"We've become

Preaching to Angels

I’ll never forget standing among a crowd in a tunnel as the University of Minnesota marching band strode past, row after row of drums thundering,

The Spiritual Echo Chamber

In trying to explain the rash of abysmal election predictions by media pundits, political analysts offered the concept of the “echo chamber.”