Craft of Preaching

Preaching in the Year of Matthew (RCL Year A 2019-2020)

Preaching through the year of Matthew in the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) presents both opportunities and challenges. First I’ll look at the dynamic

Why ‘Preaching + __________’?

Saying “I love you!” to a crowd does not make any individual feel loved. Most assume it is meant more for others in the group rather than for

Being Faithful In Much

A few years ago, I gave up on the idea of balance. Balance is a myth.1 It is simply not possible to keep the important things in your life in perfect balance

Advent Expectations

“The people were filled with expectation” (Luke 3:15).

What are your expectations? Do you expect to be safe? Do you expect more than a week

Preaching Moment 277: Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor says preachers get the best of the worship service, and asks that as they bring their reflections forward, they acknowledge and be