Craft of Preaching

Social Media and Preaching: Some Dos and Don’ts (Part 2 of 2)

In my previous article, I discussed digital citizenship and the essential ideas behind social media to argue for its value in contemporary preaching. To

A New Pentecost? A Season of Social Media

Lent. A time for self-reflection, austerity, and somber music. A time to put away the alleluias and remember Jesus’ road to Calvary. A time for selfies

Prayer and Preaching

The things we carry with us -- our race, our education, our gender, our families, our age, our masks, our broken pieces, our patterns, perhaps particularly

Worship Is About More Than Personal Preferences

I would love to install a policy that anyone who uses the words “I like” or “I don’t like” in regards to worship must put

Preaching the Bible to Those Who Have Never Read It

Blockbuster films and scandalous exposé-style books based on the Bible continue to generate millions of dollars. Nevertheless, many pastors and church

Courage to Follow, Courage to Lead

Few people thrive on conflict. Yet leadership can bring us face to face with it in unexpected moments. What motivates normal people to overcome fear when

Present-tense Salvation

Dear Working Preacher,

Do we ask too little of our people?

I ask that question with no small amount of trepidation. The churches of the Reformation, after

An Unexpected Glimpse of God's Promise

For those of us who preach, flying on airplanes is risky business. I know of only one pastor who sees flying as mission work. The rest of us huddle in our

From Controversy to Community: Preaching on the Fault Lines

Same-Sex Marriage

Gun Control


End-of-Life Rights

A Woman’s Right to Choose

The Death Penalty

Universal Healthcare



Preaching Moment 285: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner encourages preachers to consider sermons as an act of pastoral care for the community and reminds preachers to be mindful of the needs and

Why Church?

I’m a good person. I worship God in my own way. I don’t need people telling me how I should think or what I should believe. Who needs all the

Preaching Moment 270: Henry Langknecht

Henry Langknecht reflects on what the "literal sense of Scripture" really means. For Langknecht, it is the way the reading comes to life in the congregation

Who Is My Neighbor?

Dear Working Preacher,


This passage is so familiar it’s almost dangerous. I mean, we all know the moral of Jesus’ famous story “The

The Greater Gift

Dear Working Preacher,


So here’s my simple question: which was the greater gift Jesus bestowed on the disciples: the power to heal and cast

Preaching Moment 265: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner talks about what she likes to hear in a sermon (a word that emerges from the community and connects to Scripture) and what she does not like