Craft of Preaching

Seeing Nature through Children's Eyes

Last Christmas my son, a school principal in Miami, announced that when the apocalypse came, he and his family would seek refuge in Indiana with us, where

Preaching Moment 348: Luke Powery on Preaching Mark 10

Luke Powery considers ways for preachers to navigate difficult scripture passages, including Psalm 137 (Pent 17C/Ord. 27C) and Mark 10 (Pent 20B/Ord. 27B).

On Trusting

“The earth produces on its own.” Thank God, literally.

Every once in a while Jesus gives us a break -- a break from the demands of bringing

How to Preach to Mikey (and His Parents)

Working Preachers, does this sound familiar: you’re wheeling your cart through the grocery store when you see the nice young couple from church who

"I Couldn't Hear a Thing"

A very elderly gentleman greeted me at the end of the service with a smile and a compliment. “Wonderful, wonderful sermon, pastor!”

We had

Five Questions for your Kids’ Sermon

How do you help a 4-year-old better understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

One clear way a 4-year-old experiences the love of Jesus is “through the

Preaching to End Child Sexual Exploitation

Human Trafficking Awareness Day is coming January 11, 2014.

Perhaps you have noticed: The sex trafficking of children is in the news -- a lot -- or at