Craft of Preaching

Teach Us to Pray

Preaching the Gospel of John remains a challenge for many, Dear Working Preachers. A number of reasons contribute to the Fourth Gospel’s homiletical

Why Holy Week?

Dear Working Preachers, this Sunday begins one of the most important weeks of the church year. As you already know. A lot of weight falls on Palm/Passion

The Courage to Ask

Dear Working Preachers,

I am preaching on this text in Luther Seminary’s chapel on April 15, 2015, so I thought that for my column this week I would

Preaching to People whose Theology Differs from Mine

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard a pastor address this issue, but I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has experienced it, so

"Getting" Great Faith

Dear Working Preachers,

Little faith or great faith? How do we tell the difference? What are the criteria? Who gets to decide? I ask these questions this

To Whom Do You Think You Are Preaching?

Listening to a sermon, I form a portrait of myself. I hear a perspective on the scripture text or theme that makes assumptions about the assembly and therefore

If It's Not Hard to Believe, You're Probably Not Paying Attention!

Dear Working Preacher,

One of the common elements of the resurrection stories across the gospels is that no one expects the resurrection. Even though Jesus