Craft of Preaching

Come As You Are

Dear Working Preacher,

This week's gospel reading is perfect for all the people who don't have it all together. Now, I know what you may be thinking: that

Out of Our Minds

Dear Working Preacher,

What do you think -- does preaching have to be a little crazy to be gospel preaching? Or, to put it only slightly differently: do

Marklarkey II: Parabolic Tomfoolery from the Second Gospel

In a previous article, posted on this site last year while our normally alert editors nodded off, I proposed that the Second Evangelist may be the New

Marklarkey: or, What’s So Funny About the Second Gospel?

Humor from the pulpit is a delicate thing.

Some deem it impertinent: preaching the gospel is serious business. Nevertheless, it is the preacher's job to