Craft of Preaching


Videos from the experts on biblical preaching -- a place to reflect on your craft and get inspired.

Preaching Moment 262: David Lose

David Lose on the value of personal stories that illuminate the biblical story.

Preaching Moment 261: Mary Hinkle Shore

Mary Hinkle Shore talks about what it means for a preacher to "show up for work."

Preaching Moment 260: Michael Curry

Michael Curry on using a study day as a source of creativity.

Preaching Moment 259: Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner talks about moving from text to sermon.

Preaching Moment 258: Will Willimon

Will Willimon offers a word of encouragement for preachers today.

Preaching Moment 257: Barbara Lundblad

Barbara Lundblad talks about how to help hearers connect with the preacher's personal stories.

Preaching Moment 256: Craig Barnes

Craig Barnes talks about cultivating a love of preaching.

Preaching Moment 255: Kenneth Samuel

Kenneth Samuel talks about specific goals in preaching.

Preaching Moment 254: Craig Satterlee

Craig Satterlee discusses "finding the line" in preaching.

Preaching Moment 253: Kathryn Schifferdecker

Kathryn Schifferdecker talks about navigating the challenge of finding time for preaching prep.

Preaching Moment 252: Paul Scott Wilson

Paul Scott Wilson speaks to where we find the authority to preach and what makes a sermon "biblical."

Preaching Moment 251: Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor talks about the sermons she enjoys listening to most.

Preaching Moment 250: Eugene Peterson

Eugene Peterson offers a word of encouragement to preachers, drawing from the biblical examples of Isaiah, John of Patmos, and Paul. "Preaching is not communication

Preaching Moment 249: Gary Charles

Pastor Charles helps preachers think about ways to preach engagingly to congregations that are filled with people who do and others who do not know the

Preaching Moment 248: Hank Langknecht

Hank Langknecht talks about "confessing" in the pulpit.