Craft of Preaching


Videos from the experts on biblical preaching -- a place to reflect on your craft and get inspired.

Preaching Moment 276: Mark Allan Powell

Mark Allan Powell wonders how familiar texts really are to the hearer. He suggests a new method of congregational involvement in approaching these texts.

Preaching Moment 275: Craig Satterlee

Craig A. Satterlee talks about the importance of hearing and resting. He shares some important advice for pastors on faith formation with their congregations. 

Preaching Moment 274: Rolf Jacobson

Rolf Jacobson discusses ways to bring forward the biblical text in the sermon. He suggests a few simple tactics for reminding the congregation of this focus.

Preaching Moment 273: Susan Hedahl

Susan Hedahl discusses the importance and primacy of a Scriptural text to a sermon.

Preaching Moment 272: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey encourages preachers to turn off their "critical antennae" toward themselves and be bold in their witness to the text. 

Preaching Moment 271: Michael Curry

The Word comes to life in the world, says Michael Curry. When preparing a sermon, the preacher needs to study the word and hit the streets to see that Word

Preaching Moment 270: Henry Langknecht

Henry Langknecht reflects on what the "literal sense of Scripture" really means. For Langknecht, it is the way the reading comes to life in the congregation

Preaching Moment 269: Anna Carter Florence

Anna Carter Florence talks about the influence that theater has on her preaching, and the importance of preparation and seeking out perspectives on the

Preaching Moment 268: Raphael Warnock

Raphael Warnock talks about what makes for a good sermon today. "A good sermon speaks to head and to heart."

Preaching Moment 267: Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor talks about preaching through all five senses -- not just delivering an image that works only through the eyes.

Preaching Moment 266: Michael Curry

Michael Curry commends the practice of taking a "study day" as a source of creativity.

Preaching Moment 265: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner talks about what she likes to hear in a sermon (a word that emerges from the community and connects to Scripture) and what she does not like

Preaching Moment 264: Melinda Quivik

Are preachers born or made? Melinda Quivik addresses this question and also talks about the importance of delivering a word that is deeply felt and life-giving.

Working Preacher - All New Look

Hi Working Preacher, Karoline Lewis here. For over five years now has been a trusted source of inspiration, interpretation and imagination

Preaching Moment 263: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey talks about preaching as a testimony that "brings alive the story of hope" in a succinct, authentic way.