Craft of Preaching


Videos from the experts on biblical preaching -- a place to reflect on your craft and get inspired.

Preaching Moment 292: Eric Elnes on the Sermon in Worship

Eric Elnes shares his understanding of the place of the sermon in the worship service and advocates for broadening the focus of worship from the sermon

Preaching Moment 291: Anthony Bailey on the Gift of Darkness

Anthony Bailey advocates for the recovery of a biblical view of darkness as the place in which we are most vulnerable and available to the work of God in

Preaching Moment 290: Yvette Flunder on Authentic Ministry

Yvette Flunder argues for the necessity of being authentic in preaching into contentious situations and the importance of trusting God in those times.

Preaching Moment 289: Anthony Bailey on Preaching the Everyday

Anthony Bailey emphasizes the importance of paying attention, weaving elements of everyday life into the texts to create a sermon that speaks from a particular

Preaching Moment 288: Richard Jensen on Christ's Indwelling

Richard Jensen talks about the "indwelling" nature of preaching and proclamation.

"I just think we have not been radical enough in [our understanding of]

Preaching Moment 286: Paul Scott Wilson on Teaching

Paul Scott Wilson makes the distinction between teaching and proclamation in sermons and explains the need for both elements in a sermon.

"We've become

Preaching Moment 285: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner encourages preachers to consider sermons as an act of pastoral care for the community and reminds preachers to be mindful of the needs and

Preaching Moment 284: Thomas Long on Preaching Matthew

Tom Long offers tips for preaching Matthew, the featured gospel in Year A of the Revised Common Lectionary.

The structure of the Gospel of Matthew, according

Preaching Moment 283: Michael Curry

Bishop Michael Curry discusses honesty and genuineness in the pulpit.

"You know what I really look for? Somebody who's just plain real," said Curry.

Preaching Moment 282: Lauren Winner

Lauren Winner describes the sermon writing process as an act of wrestling and a component of spiritual life.

"I open the Scriptures and I don't just read

Preaching Moment 281: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey discusses the peculiarity of Jesus' message and the role preachers have in talking about that message.

"There are opportunities to offer

Preaching Moment 280: Otis Moss Jr.

Otis Moss Jr. speaks about the process of preparing a message and the different ways this essential action can manifest itself.

"Listen to the voice of

Preaching Moment 279: Mary Hinkle Shore

Mary Hinkle Shore talks about the elements of preparation and textual engagement that go into a well-thought out and genuine sermon.

"When I listen to

Preaching Moment 278: Matt Skinner

Matt Skinner talks about his process of taking a text and turning it into a sermon, as well as all of the rethinking and pruning that happens along the

Preaching Moment 277: Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor says preachers get the best of the worship service, and asks that as they bring their reflections forward, they acknowledge and be