Craft of Preaching


Videos from the experts on biblical preaching -- a place to reflect on your craft and get inspired.

Preaching Moment 307: Yvette Flunder on the Spirit at Work

Yvette Flunder describes how the preacher and the hearers are united together by the Spirit in the experience of the preached word.

"We may not be holding

Preaching Moment 306: Yvette Flunder on the Word in Worship

Yvette Flunder reflects on the central place of the preached word within the worship service and describes the "circle-dance" of interaction between the

Preaching Moment 305: Luke Powery on Preaching Lament

Luke Powery advocates for the necessity of preaching lament and discusses how to accomplish this within the sermon.

"One can name the trouble in the world,

Preaching Moment 304: Anthony Bailey on Personal Stories

Anthony Bailey shares his process for deciding when and how to include personal stories in his sermons.

"I always have to ask: Is this sermon more about

Preaching Moment 303: Lauren Winner on Preaching the Hebrew Bible

Lauren Winner emphasizes the importance of preaching the Old Testament and recommends Ellen Davis's Getting Involved with God as a resource to aid the preacher

Preaching Moment 302: Anthony Bailey on Soliciting Feedback

Anthony Bailey relates his experience with creating a culture where honest feedback is appreciated and given and tells a story of a sermon illustration

Preaching Moment 301: Luke Powery on Broken Dreams

Luke Powery explores what it is like to preach to someone whose dreams have died and how the community works to open that person up to God's dream for them.

Preaching Moment 300: Yvette Flunder on Sermon Inspiration

Yvette Flunder shares the need of the preacher to pay attention to the context and listen for the inspirational "hook" that comes from God.

"I want to

Preaching Moment 299: Eric Elnes on Worship and its Function

Eric Elnes reflects on the place of the sermon in the context of the worship service and explores worship's purpose of opening people up to the Spirit.

Preaching Moment 298: Lauren Winner on Preaching Saint Days

Lauren Winner reflects on preaching the various days dedicated to saints and encourages preachers to use them as opportunities for the listeners to interpret

Preaching Moment 297: Anthony Bailey on Seeking Inspiration

Anthony Bailey shares how he seeks inspiration in day to day life when he is having difficulty hearing from a text.

"I believe there's something about

Preaching Moment 296: Luke Powery on Holy Imagination

Luke Powery advocates for the necessity of imagination for living into God's future for us.

"Without an imagination, we probably couldn't have any hope."

Preaching Moment 295: Yvette Flunder on Authenticity in Preaching

Yvette Flunder advocates for transparency and authenticity in the pulpit by encouraging preachers to draw from their personal experiences and vulnerabilities

Preaching Moment 294: Luke Powery on Preaching the Gospel of Mark

Luke Powery points out the story of the Gerasene Demoniac and the ending of Mark as moments of opportunity for preaching the Gospel of Mark.

"[The shorter

Preaching Moment 293: Lauren Winner on the Preacher's Own Voice

Lauren Winner discusses the preacher's presence in the pulpit and invites preachers to exercise their own voice and authority when preaching.