Craft of Preaching


Videos from the experts on biblical preaching -- a place to reflect on your craft and get inspired.

Preaching Moment 172: Thomas Long

Tom talks about the mimetic function of preaching.

Preaching Moment 171: Melinda Quivik

Melinda delves into helping the congregation understand the importance of sermon preparation

Preaching Moment 170: Richard Jensen

Richard discusses becoming a good storyteller

Preaching Moment 169: Adam Hamilton

Pastor Hamilton identifies some of the challenges for preachers.

Preaching Moment 168: Craig Barnes

Craig Barnes shares his thoughts on the import "eavesdropping" has for the task of preaching.

Preaching Moment 167: Kenneth Samuel

Pastor Samuel shares some words of encouragement for pastors seeking to be faithful to their calling.

Preaching Moment 166: Gary Charles

Gary explores the use of sermon series in preaching.

Preaching Moment 165: Teresa Fry Brown

Teresa shares some thoughts on preparing for the sermon and being a pastor

Preaching Moment 164: Anna Carter Florence

Anna explains why she asks students to memorize the biblical text

Preaching Moment 163: Peter Rhea Jones

Peter looks at the way preachers "develop their own voice"

Preaching Moment 162: Clayton Schmit

Clayton discusses what it means to say "that was a faithful sermon"

Preaching Moment 161: Thomas Long

Thomas talks about the importance of creating a community that is prophetic, not simply equipping people to live as individuals in the world. And also reflects

Preaching Moment 160: Melinda Quivik

Melinda talks about a "test" for using personal stories

Preaching Moment 159: Richard Jensen

Richard considers the way that genre can shape sermons

Preaching Moment 158: Rolf Jocobson

Rolf discusses starting the sermon after the introduction