Craft of Preaching


Videos from the experts on biblical preaching -- a place to reflect on your craft and get inspired.

Preaching Moment 202: Teresa Fry Brown

Teresa Fry Brown asks: "How has the biblical text been transformational for you?"

Preaching Moment 201: Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson on being a servant.

Preaching Moment 200: Eugene Peterson

Eugene Peterson asks "How does the preacher gain a hearing for the biblical story in light of all the other competing stories?"

Preaching Moment 199: Clayton Schmit

Clayton Schmit discusses the strength and flexibility of the lectionary.

Preaching Moment 198: Dirk Lange

Dirk Lange on how we weave teaching and preaching together in sermons.

Preaching Moment 197: Melinda Quivik

Melinda Quivik talks about expecting and seeing God work on Sunday morning.

Preaching Moment 196: Eric Barreto

Eric Barreto talks about why he loves to teach and preach the gospels.

Preaching Moment 195: Walter Wangerin Jr.

Walter Wangerin Jr. on retelling and refreshing a story.

Preaching Moment 194: Kenneth Samuel

Kenneth Samuel discusses the challenge of preaching to congregations that are filled with people who have grown up hearing the biblical story and those

Preaching Moment 193: Anna Carter Florence

Anna Carter Florence on the preacher's hope for what happens in the sermon.

Preaching Moment 192: Craig Koester

Craig Koester on the difficulty and opportunity of preaching Revelation.

Preaching Moment 191: Craig Satterlee

Craig Satterlee discusses the importance of discovering new meaning in familiar texts.

Preaching Moment 190: Craig Barnes

Craig Barnes reflects on why we preach

Preaching Moment 189: Kathryn Schifferdecker

Kathryn Schifferdecker reflects on the many accounts of creation and what they can teach us about biblical stories.

Preaching Moment 188: Craig Barnes

Craig Barnes shares how he views the preacher as the "parish poet."