Craft of Preaching


Videos from the experts on biblical preaching -- a place to reflect on your craft and get inspired.

Preaching Moment 232: David Lose

David Lose talks about the abundance of big stories in our culture and the importance of telling the Christian story as a meaningful, seriously imaginable

Preaching Moment 231: Susan Hedahl

Susan Hedahl talks about the importance of listening to the texts -- "places of potential surprise."

Preaching Moment 230: Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton gives words of caution and hope to preachers.

Preaching Moment 229: Zan Holmes

Zan Holmes says the preacher's job is "to connect the Bible with the world."

Preaching Moment 228: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey gives a word of encouragement to preachers: You are not alone in this task.

Preaching Moment 227: Christian Scharen

Christian Scharen on the problem with a "stand-alone" sermon.

Preaching Moment 226: Anna Carter Florence

Anna Carter Florence talks about where her students go to prepare for sermons.

Preaching Moment 225: Peter Rhea Jones

Peter Rhea Jones talks about the broadness of "biblical preaching."

Preaching Moment 224: Richard Jensen

Richard Jensen talks about the importance of communication in preaching.

Preaching Moment 223: Clayton Schmit

Clayton Schmit articulates that "we build our practice upon a theology of preaching."

Preaching Moment 222: Craig Koester

Craig Koester discusses the movement from text to sermon.

Preaching Moment 221: Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor on preaching prep as a way to step out of the everyday urgency in order to point to something more important.

Preaching Moment 220: Melinda Quivik

Melinda Quivik admonishes preachers to ask, "Is that really true?" for their sermons.

Preaching Moment 219: Mike Slaughter

Mike Slaughter encourages preachers to avoid "religion lite."

Preaching Moment 218: Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell discusses why preaching is "secondary."