Craft of Preaching


Videos from the experts on biblical preaching -- a place to reflect on your craft and get inspired.

Preaching Moment 247: Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson talks about how the preacher responds to a changing culture.

Preaching Moment 246: Eric Barreto

Eric Barreto talks about returning to the biblical text to add depth to theology that may grow empty over time.

Preaching Moment 245: Teresa Fry Brown

Teresa Fry Brown reflects on the question: Are good preachers born or made?

Preaching Moment 244: Rolf Jacobson

Rolf Jacobson on the difference between the "gift of preaching" and having "gifts for preaching."

Preaching Moment 243: Tom Long

Tom Long talks about the qualities he looks for in good preaching.

Preaching Moment 242: Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren talks about preaching in a world of polarities.

Preaching Moment 241: Otis Moss Jr.

Otis Moss Jr. talks about approaching a great passage of Scripture like a great hymn -- returning again and again with new insight.

Preaching Moment 240: John Nunes

John Nunes shares what he wants to hear from preachers as a hearer of sermons.

Preaching Moment 239: Clayton Schmit

Clayton Schmit talks about "taking yourself out of the equation."

Preaching Moment 238: Anna Carter Florence

Anna Carter Florence on the importance of preaching the reality of the Word in "unreal" lives.

Preaching Moment 237: Anthony Bailey

Anthony Bailey talks about preaching as "one movement in the symphony of worship." How does your preaching link to the "weak" gospel of God?

Preaching Moment 236: Walter Brueggemann

Walter Brueggemann talks about topical sermons: "One connection that a parishioner makes is worth a thousand connections that a preacher makes."

Preaching Moment 235: Mark Allan Powell

Mark Allan Powell asks questions about a story's ability to transform its listeners.

Preaching Moment 234: Raphael Warnock

Raphael Warnock discusses why it is important for pastors to be authentic in their preaching.

Preaching Moment 233: Gary Charles

Gary Charles shares a word of advice for preachers seeking to fulfill their calling amidst the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities they face.